Water Damage

Structural Restoration in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City

Water-related incidents can occur abruptly and be a huge inconvenience to your time and pocketbook. It is a known fact that this formless element can be found anywhere in your property, and is capable of entering any space and/or item. Because of this, you only have a few minutes to dry up the entire area before the liquid has made its mark. Oftentimes, property owners would think that they have completely cleaned up the mess and not inspect the premises. However, we, at Dreyer's DKI, know that there are certain spaces that have probably been left moist, and ignoring them brings about numerous problems to your home.

The most common types of structural water damage include mold, mildew and wood rotting. If your property is primarily made out of wood, you need to be concerned when your area is hit by floods, leaks, and strong rains. Wooden walls, floors, beams, and other belongings will become brittle – ultimately causing them to break and crack. Also, the presence of mold and mildew weakens certain solid surfaces (e.g. concrete), which causes it to damage their internal and external composition. Repairing difficult situations like these might seem bleak, but you can count on the professionals to make this impossible task possible.

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The hardworking men and women, at Dreyer's DKI, have been dealing with water-related disasters for a very long time. We know the terrifying effects of weak structures, and it is our job to correct the situation for the better. We are equipped with the best tools and materials, and perform the necessary tasks to strengthen your property once more. It is highly recommended to leave this in our hands, because it is easy to make a rookie mistake. You can get injured and further damage the surrounding you are trying to fix. So give us a call at 352-403-0085 and let us deal with the problem the professional way. You may also visit our contact page here for further questions and details.

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