Tornado Damage Restoration in Gainesville, Ocala and Lake City, Florida

Tornado Damage Restoration in Gainesville, Ocala and Lake City, Florida

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Whenever an impending tornado is reported to strike your area, you should do everything you can to fortify your property. It’s important to bring in the outside furniture and start boarding up to ensure that nothing will fly away. However, even though you think you’ve done enough to protect your home, you still can’t predict the kind of damage that tornadoes can create. Apart from fallen trees and scattered debris, the aftermath could leave your building in shambles.

Wreckage caused by a tornado is a disaster that is difficult to fix. Depending on the situation, it could take you months before you can return to normal living conditions. Thankfully, by contacting Dreyer’s DKI, you can restore your property and your life much faster.

Our Restoration Services

Tornado Damage Restoration in Gainesville, Ocala and Lake City, Florida

Dreyer’s DKI offers complete water, fire, and storm damage restoration to properties in Gainesville, Ocala and Lake City, Florida. We have the experience and the necessary equipment to help you overcome any tornado-related catastrophe. Even though you may have encountered various types of tornado damage before, it’s better to let us handle the task. Not only do we work fast, but we also ensure that the environment reverts to its safe and healthy conditions.

Before we start doing any repair work, we’ll first clear the surroundings by packing everything up. We typically start by removing debris and saving salvageable items for contents cleaning, as well as reveal any underlying damage caused by the tornado.

Once we know the condition of the area we’re working with, we’ll start with the restoration and reconstruction. We’ll address all forms of structural problems, as well as eliminate the elements that cause long-term effects of tornado damage (e.g. vegetation damage and environmental contamination).

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Give us a call at 352-403-0085 and we’ll be on our way. Our restoration team is on-call 24/7, so you can reach us anytime.