Storm Damage

Natural Disaster Restoration Services in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City

Your properties are the four walls that protect you from powerful external forces. They provide you a roof whenever it rains, keep you from being pushed by strong winds, and even shield you from foreign debris. However, there comes a time where your home will sustain damage from the very things it is trying to protect you from. If the calamity is too severe, its structure will surely break and fall.

Natural Disaster Restoration by Dreyers DKI

Burst pipes, torn walls, and a shaky foundation, are just some of the possible structural problems it can face; and sometimes, the smallest signs will be its root cause. Ignoring them is not a wise decision because before you know it, your living surroundings are compromised by the dangerous environment. Undetectable fragments can cause injury, and it is possible that an array of toxic substances or bacteria has entered your homes.

It might seem that a little bit of horsepower and a lot of determination can pull you out from this disaster, but without the proper equipment, it is certain that you will be performing a lot of errors. One slip-up can send a towering pile of debris crashing to the ground, or worse – destroy what’s left of your property.

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Disasters that measure a monumental scale should never be handled alone. At times like these, your best bet in removing, salvaging, and resorting your properties is to contact the professionals.  

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Let us at Dreyer's DKI help get you through this untimely disaster. We all know how events like floods, violent storms, and fires, are unpredictable, and dealing with their aftermath alone is difficult to handle. For over 40 years, we have seen a lot of property owners suffer from all sorts of damage, and this is why we have developed various ways to help the community from any type of natural disaster. With our help, we will make sure that your properties are back in tiptop form, and are equipped with the proper systems, and installations, to be able to withstand another unforeseen dilemma. Depending on what we are facing, we will use the proper restoration method to make your lives easier and healthier. We have services that deal with water, fire, storm, and other primary and secondary damage. So give us a call today at 352-403-0085 and get the help you need. Visit our contact page here for further questions, details, and inquiries.

Recent Storm Damage Restoration Jobs

A homeowner's realtor in Gainesville contacted us for fire damage restoration on behalf of her client who had just closed on her home 3 days prior. A lightning bolt struck the second story roof causing a fire in the attic.

It took dedicated time and determination to complete the fire damage restoration job the correct way but we successfully restored the attic and damaged areas so she could enjoy her new home.

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