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Mold Removal in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City, FL

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that grows outdoors, but it can also grow inside your home. It thrives in warm and humid environments, and typically grows when wood rots or becomes damp.

Mold is a resilient fungus and can appear behind the drywall. If left unnoticed, it can release spores that float up through your HVAC system, where it can be inhaled by the rest of your family.

For these reasons, the presence of mold should worry homeowners who are concerned about their health and the value of their propery.

A Moldy Problem

Moldy Problems

When you have toxic mold, that's when there is a bigger issue. Some species of mold are considered "toxigenic," meaning that, under the right conditions, they can produce mycotoxins. This type of fungi can trigger respiratory problems that can be dangerous if you have allergies.

But even if mold isn't toxic, it still poses as a gigantic problem for the home. Mold can cause wood to rot, peel paint, and give off an unpleasant, musty smell.

Can I Get Rid of Mold?

Unfortunately, it's impossible to completely remove all traces of mold spores, as there will always be spores floating through the air.

The important thing is that we control at least one environmental aspect that can keep mold from growing: moisture. Mold can't survive without moisture. As long as your home is kept clean and dry, and your home has been waterproofed and is airtight, then you can be sure that mold will no longer be a problem.

If implemented with proper knowledge and training, mold removal can prove to be an effective and permanent remediation.

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At Dreyer’s DKI, we have the tools and the experience to remove mold and to give your family the clean and healthy home that they deserve. Don't hesitate to give us a call at 352-403-0085 and we'll take care of the rest. We've got the best mold removal services in town. We also offer fire damage restorationstorm damage restorationwater damage restoration and floor cleaning services, to name a few. We proudly service all those located in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City, Florida.

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