Coronavirus Disinfection in Gainesville & Lake City, FL

At Dreyer’s DKI we have a Virus Suppression service that we are offering to combat the recent pandemic scare. We offer services from both a preventative perspective or if a room is known to be infected we can do a complete structure cleaning. 

It involves a product from Clorox called Clorox® Total 360® Disinfectant Cleaner.  This cleaning equipment has been proven to be extremely effective at minimizing viruses and is the industry standard for safe and effective cleaning. As you can imagine this procedure is in very high demand right now. In fact, we’re currently working with our local college & many government facilities. We do have current availability but it’s first come first serve. So if you have a room or structure you’d like treated contact us immediately.

Virus Suppression with Extreme Clean

As concerns over the current spread of viruses are on the rise, Dreyer’s DKI is dedicated to helping protect you and your family. Even though health risks are steadily increasing, we want you to know that there are advanced cleaning techniques that can actually reduce the risks of spreading viruses and our Extreme Clean System is one of them.

Our Extreme Clean system is the fastest and safest way to completely remove bacteria, viruses, and other illness-causing germs, including Coronavirus. This system works because it uses electrostatic technology to transfer charged particles of disinfectant that spreads over, under, and around even the most difficult to reach surfaces, making sure to cover all bases in under 2 minutes.

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Dreyers DKI: A State Certified Contractor 

If you're in need of cleaning and viral suppression services, contact Dreyer's DKI today. We also offer restoration and cleaning services in Greater Gainesville and Lake City, Florida areas, so don't hesitate to contact us at 352-403-0085 anytime for help.