The Dreyers DKI Difference

Not all restoration contractors are created equal. Comparing restoration companies is sometimes like comparing apples to oranges.
At Dryers DKI we have over 40 years of experience in the restoration industry. We hold a number of licenses and certifications such as being IICRC certified, licensed mold mediators, and general contractors. All of our technicians are background checked and randomly drug tested and immunized.
We use the latest technology such as 3d cameras on all our losses as well as for pre-loss documentation and emergency response plans.
At Dryers DKI, we adhere to all industry standards and never cut corners or sacrifice quality in order to reduce cost. Many restoration contractors will take advantage of clients because proper water mitigation and mold remediation are often misunderstood and aren't common knowledge. Restoration contractors are trusted to be the experts and to know how to properly handle such hazards. Like most services going with the lowest bidder isn't always the greatest idea, especially when you're talking about health and safety hazards like biohazard, lead, mold, and wastewater.
At Dryers DKI, we use estimation software and pricing set by the insurance industry to determine job cost and are always transparent with all our costs and processes. We take pride in what we do and seek to be the gold standard in our industry. For all your 24/7 restoration needs, please call the experts at Dryers DKI at 352-403-0085.