Example of a Pre loss Scan for New Clients of Insurance Agents

Hi there, I'm Zack with Dryers DKI and in this short video I'm going to talk about how our 3d imaging technology can be a great value ad for you and your new clients. So typically whenever you have a client who has a fire or if they had major water damage, they're just given a sheet of paper to go through all the contents that they have and fill it out.
There are two main issues with that:
  1. It opens up the potential for fraud, meaning they could just say they had a certain type of content that they didn't actually have, you know maybe a fine Persian area rug for example.
  2. They just may not remember all of their contents especially if they have a large home or just a lot of contents. 

We've come up with a solution to that age-old problem. This is something that we would provide as an opportunity for you our referral partner and your clients. It would be a free service where we would actually come to a new clients house and do a 3d scan like we've done here. This is actually my own house and just as an example and so you can click on it and zoom right into a particular room. You could view this in virtual reality or you can just sort of point and click like I'm doing here. As you can see, if we did a pre-loss scan, meaning we went into a new client's home and did this scan, we would have a snapshot in time of all the contents that they have.

  • You can see inside the bookshelves
  • Here you can see inside the little entertainment center
  • You can move over here into the kitchen. During the scan if you wanted to you could have these cabinets all opened up so you can see all the contents inside (I didn't do that here for my purposes but that could very easily be done)

This could be something that you/we could do for your clients. If two or three years God forbid down the road they have a fire or some type of major water damage, they'll have a copy in the cloud-stored in the cloud of their home before the loss actually took place. It's just a nice value add for you and your clients. If that's something that you're interested in you can call me at 352-403-0085 or you can also email me at zach@dreyersdki.com.