Video FAQ

Here are a few videos by Dreyers DKI to tell a bit more about who we are and some of the specialty services we offer.

Example of a Pre loss Scan for New Clients of Insurance Agents

Dreyers DKI offers a free service where we would actually come to a new clients house and do a 3d scan so if down the road they have a fire or some type of major water damage, they'll have a copy in the cloud-stored in the cloud of their home.

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What is an Emergency Response Plan

At Dryers DKI we set up free emergency response plans or ERPs for facility managers and commercial property managers. Having an ERP with us ensures that you are our first priority.

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Services Offered by Dreyers DKI

Dreyers DKI can help you with fire, water, storm or other restoration needs in the Gainesville, FL area.

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The Dreyers DKI Difference

If you ever experience an unforeseen circumstance such as a tree crashing through your roof, a fire or a water leak in your home, call the experts at Dryers DKI.

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