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Comment This past Thursday we had an ugly sewage flood in our home. My husband, grandmother and I were all at home when it took place. My husband and I immediately got into action and cleaned up what we could. I called Dryers DKI quickly and within 10 minutes I got a phone call from the gentleman on call, Andrew. Let me tell you --- Andrew is one of the most amazing, helpful, kind hearting, patient, and professional people I have ever met. For the past several days he has helped us through this mess and went VERY FAR above and BEYOND the call of duty. This man saved us, our home, and our sanity!
My grandmother lives with us because she has advanced Alzheimer’s. My husband and I care for her. With Alzheimer’s and sun downing I’m sure you can imagine how difficult this flood was for my grandmother to comprehend especially at 1130pm. There was lots of chaos and it threw her structure and routine into whirlwind. Andrew took so much extra time to make sure nothing he did was too fast and he made sure my grandmother and I were fully aware when he was entering her room specifically. With her disease she has become extremely territorial and has a hard time processing little things. Andrew spoke to her with such kindness, patience, and care. He took so much extra time to make sure she was comfortable and ok with all the moving parts that were currently making her “safe zone” spin. This time he took for her certainly made his evening longer and we are very thankful for him. It made it bearable for her and for us.
Not only this.. But while Andrew was trying to get his job completed, he patiently answered my MILLION questions about water lines and possible causes of the flood we had. This was certainly nothing that he needed to answer for his current job purposes.. But, I feel he did it to calm me and intern calm our currently family situation. He also explained in detail everything he was doing and testing for. Also, he went out of his way, on his hands and knees, to carefully put an anti-microbial solution on my flooring due to the concern for bacteria from the dirty water. He also told me loads about cleaning supplies to use after he leaves. I’m so thankful he took the time to talk to me about this. Like most, I was ready to grab the bleach. After speaking with Andrew I realized that bleach wouldn’t kill all the bacteria that my home was exposed to. He is an amazing person and certainly exemplifies the family founded Dryers DKI. It was so evident that he genuinely cared about my family and our home. This wasn’t just a “job” to him. His heart was in everything he did for us. Dryers is blessed that Andrew is part of their company and we are so blessed to have Andrew part of our lives during this hard time. He made sure we well taken care of and as calm as we could be.
The city also came out while Andrew was there. The man from the city ended up leaving shortly after his arrival and said he would be back in the morning. Naturally I was panicked still not knowing if this was the last of the flooding or what the cause was. After the city representative left I called a 24hr plumber. The plumber told me his rate after I gave him a description of what took place and he preceded to ask me questions about our “clean out.” The plumber suggested before he comes out that I make sure the clean out was cleared and not something simple we could correct on our own. Well, not only did I have no idea what a “clean out” was but I had no clue where it was!!. Andrew over heard this and saw me shortly after scavenging in the freezing cold darkness hunting for this thing! It was after midnight at this point and Andrew stopped what he was doing, grabbed a flashlight and helped me look. Wow. I was blown away all evening.
Turns out it was not a clean out problem at all but a bigger issue altogether. Eventually my family and I will find our way through the rest of this mess. We are extremely thankful Andrew was there to help and guide us through this stage of it.
This horrible experience would have been so much different if Andrew was not there. Andrew turned this disaster that we had NO CONTROL over into a situation that GAVE US CONTROL. With his knowledge, patients, and care he allowed us to regain the control and he restored us with hope. Again, I cannot say this enough.. My family and I are so thankful for Andrew.
Although I would hate to ever be In need of Dryers DKI again. I know if we are in a situation that call for the company that I feel very comfortable and extremely confident everything will be ok simply knowing that people like Andrew are there to take care of my family and our home.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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