Job completed for Joseph S

Completion date: October 14, 2016

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Why did the customer contact us?

A homeowner needed roof tarp for a 1x1 hole in the upstairs bathroom ceiling from a roof leak and water damage repairs for Jacksonville, FL home. The roof had rotting plywood under the roof shingles before a hurricane hit and caused major damage to the roof. There was also a small area around the chimney where shingles had blown off.

Solutions provided:

We immediately tarped the roof over rotted plywood once work was approved and patched the small opening near the chimney. We also installed drying equipment and ducted a dehumidifier to the hole in the bathroom ceiling for proper dehumidification and mitigation. There was also the ceiling of the room below the affected bathroom that was testing positive for moisture so we also placed dehumidifiers and an air mover there to dry out the water damage.

Team members on this project:

LaDonna Davis,