Completed Jobs by Dreyer's DKI

Here are a few projects that the Dreyer's Team has completed.

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Collier Properties, Enclave
Gainesville, FL
April 21, 2020

Dreyer's DKI was called to perform water damage restoration work after a plumbing company mistakenly busted a pipe in the ceiling of an apartment unit that caused significant water damage to 3 floors of an apartment unit. The top unit's ceiling was completely saturated and had affected all adjoining walls. We immediately installed air scrubber and removed the ceiling drywall and soaked blown-in insulation. We then extracted the remaining water off the floor and bagged all wet insulation and drywall, removed approximately 50 feet of baseboards, as well as carpet and wet padding. Two dehumidifiers, seven air movers, and one injectadry were installed for water dry out. The second-floor unit had a small portion of the ceiling damage so we removed the damaged area and blown-in insulation and installed two dehumidifiers, and three air movers. The first-floor unit had a small water stain running down the corner of drywall in the bedroom closet but we were able to set up dehumidifiers to dry it out. After removing the unsalvageable ceilings, walls and floors of the apartments, we installed more dehumidifiers and air movers to the units and made sure they completely dried out the damage. Once all water damage and moisture were returned to healthy levels, we began a tedious reconstruction process but we were able to successfully complete restoration and reconstruction so the apartment was repaired to pre-damage condition.

Gail L.
Lake Butler, FL
March 6, 2020

With restoration to the damaged indoor areas that were affected by the tree, flooring and exterior siding of the house, and reconstruction on the roof, siding and other interior and exterior damage, we were able to get this home looking brand new again.

Palm Cross Apartments
Starke, FL
March 4, 2020

With water damage restoration, we were able to locate and repair the areas where water and moisture were leaking to. We cut and dried out the areas with mold and made sure to fix the problem once and for all with complete mold remediation so no tenants would have to worry about mold growth again.

Ajitha J
Ocala, FL
March 3, 2020

We were able to repair the toilet overflow problem with water damage restoration. We successfully completed water damage restoration for all of the water damaged antique hardwood floors and drywall in the master bedroom, guest bathroom, and office. We also helped restore the Antique hardwood floors.

House of Hope
Gainesville, FL
March 2, 2020

Dreyer's DKI provided an inspection of the crawl space followed by complete mold remediation. We were able to locate and contain the problem areas that were causing the moisture and mold growth in the crawlspace. We were able to find where there was a previous leak, contain the problem area, cut through tile and wall to really remedy the preexisting conditions.

Minsung S.
Gainesville, FL
March 2, 2020

After repairing the leaky pipe, we provided water damage restoration to the kitchen and surrounding areas that were affected by the broken pipe. We also restored the hardwood floors back to looking brand new.

Jennifer T.
Newberry, FL
February 7, 2020

Our mold remediation crew responded to the call and inspected the situation before cleaning the area and remediating the mold growth.

Matterport Intros
Ocala, FL
February 5, 2020

We provided structural and contents cleaning and full reconstruction of the property; restoring it to its pre-loss condition.

David S.
Bell, FL
January 28, 2020

After examining the home, which was built in 2010, we identified the issue causing the leaky pressure valve. We repaired that and performed water damage restoration for the insulation and other affected areas.

Maxine G.
Ocala, FL
January 21, 2020

We dried the area and remediated the water damages.

Saint Leo University
Gainesville, FL
January 17, 2020

Dreyers DKI crews stopped the toilet leak and dried the affected area. Then, we performed water damage repair and restoration to the impacted suites.

North Florida Pediatrics
Live Oak, FL
January 16, 2020

Our crews cleaned and remediated the water damage to get the facility back up and running by the next day.

The Continuum
Gainesville, FL
January 16, 2020

Our crew cleaned and dried the affected area, then provided water damage restoration procedures.

Gainesville Wellness & Performance
Gainesville, FL
January 16, 2020

Our crew dried the affected area and repaired the toilet leak in Suite G. Then we restored the area impacted by water damages (ceiling, walls, and more).

Bevis Chiropractic
Gainesville, FL
January 16, 2020

After the leak was repaired, we performed water extraction throughout the affected office areas. We also repaired and restored the parts of the office impacted by water damage.

Miriel G.
Ocala, FL
January 16, 2020

Our crews repaired the leak, dried the impacted area and repaired the damages done to the flooring and drywall. We also stopped the possibility of mold growth.

Thomas C.
Alachua, FL
January 13, 2020

We did the mold inspection, then cleaned the area and repaired the water damage.

William K.
Interlachen, FL
December 17, 2019

We removed the tree and repaired the roof. We also restored damage to two broken trusses and damage in the living room.

Kristin A.
Gainesville, FL
December 16, 2019

We dried and repaired the slab leak. We also repaired and restored the areas impacted by water damages to the bedroom and bathroom. We replaced flooring and baseboards, restored cabinets and baseboards, repaired tiles, and more.

Alachua County Housing Authority
Waldo, FL
December 16, 2019

We repaired and restored several rooms in the wake of the fire damage.

Debra P.
Ocala, FL
December 16, 2019

We removed the excess water and dried the property. Then, we repaired and restored the areas impacted by water damages.

Gary and Lora S.
Hawthorne, FL
December 14, 2019

We addressed the wind damage to his home caused by the tornado, including the removal of a fallen tree. We handled roof repairs and structural repairs caused by the tree. We also handled the water damage to the impacted bedroom, as well as damages to some propane tanks and an air conditioner unit during the storm.

Baya Beauty
Lake City, FL
December 12, 2019

We boarded up the place where the car hit the building and did the necessary repairs.

Anne M.
Ocala, FL
December 12, 2019

We stopped the leak in the refrigerator water line, repaired damages to the line and restored water damages done to the kitchen flooring, cabinets, and wall between the kitchen and dining area.

Russ D.
The Villages, FL
December 12, 2019

We repaired the leak to the water heater and restored the 7 rooms impacted by the leak.

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