What Kind of Damage Can You Expect from Hail Storms?

Hail is the most dangerous type of precipitation because of its potential to inflict major damage in a short amount of time. Hailstones form when an updraft in a thunderstorm carries water droplets so high that they freeze.

Hail Storms damage

The size of the hailstone depends on how strong the updraft is and how many times it is carried up to the freezing zone before it becomes too heavy for the updraft to support it. When it becomes too heavy, it falls to the ground as a frozen ball of ice.

The size of the falling hailstones, which typically vary from pea-sized to baseball-sized, have a huge bearing on the amount of damage you can expect to receive. How long the storm lasts also has a significant bearing on how much damage it brings to your home.

Parts of Your Home That Can Be Damaged by a Hail Storm

When a hail storm occurs, your roof typically takes the brunt of the punishment. It does not take long for a heavy pounding from hailstones to create the need for extensive repairs or even a replacement. Other parts of your home that will need to be assessed for damages include:

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Siding and gutters – Your siding and your gutters are exposed to the falling hail. Damages you can expect to find include cracks, dents, and holes.

Windows – When hail falls at an angle, rather than a straight downward trajectory, you can expect some windows to be broken, cracked, or chipped.

Whatever damage a hailstorm brings, you will need to contact a reliable repair and restoration company to fix your home after this happens. In the Gainesville, Ocala, & Lake City Area, the company to trust is Dreyers DKI. For the past four decades, we have provided satisfied customers in our local communities with repair and restoration services in the wake of storm damage, water damage, and fire damage.

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