What Goes Into a Fire Damage Assessment

It’s no secret that fires can be a destructive force. This is why, if one happens in your home, you need to get a fire damage assessment done to correctly evaluate the condition your house was left in after the disaster. If you’d like to know a general idea of what goes into a fire damage assessment, continue reading this post.

Fire Damage Assessment

On the Outside

External evaluations are the ones in which the damage can be assessed by just looking at the aftermath.

  • Possessions: Depending on the size of the fire, it’s probable that some of your possessions suffered some kind of damage. By appraising their state, you can determine if your belongings are in good condition, need to be thrown out, or can be repaired.
  • Physical aspect: Fire and even smoke can cause some serious damage on your home’s physical appearance. It’s possible that your carpets, walls, floors, paint, and even your garden has been affected by the stains and smell fire brings along with it.

On the Inside

These types of examinations require an expert, since they focus on finding any issues that need a bit of digging into.

  • The structure: It is imperative that you evaluate the damage done to your home’s structure in a fire. As you know, this is your home’s support system, so make sure to be thorough to correctly appraise its walls, roof, basement and foundation.
  • Pipes and wires: The plumbing, gas, electric, and AC systems could’ve also been affected in the fire. You need to know if they’re still be able to function appropriately after the fire, or else you will have to replace or repair them.

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