The Negative Effects of Mold on Your Home and Health

The Negative Effects of Mold on Your Home and Health

One of the most serious forms of water damage that can develop after a nasty leak is mold. This type of irritant thrives in moist environments and can spread rapidly if not immediately removed. It’s crucial to remove all traces of mold growth ASAP because once it gets out of control, mold can negatively affect your home and your health.

The Negative Effects of Mold on Your Home

If you see mold manifesting on your wooden walls, ceilings, and floors you need to act fast. Organic materials that are riddled with mold rot faster and tend to emit a pungent odor that can’t be removed easily. Mold can also permanently stain your furniture and discolor your area rugs or carpeting.

Plus, areas that are filled with mold become ideal environments for pests, vermin, and harmful bacteria that can further damage the structure of your home.

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The Negative Effects of Mold on Your Health

There are three types of mold that commonly grow in homes and each one affects your health differently:

1. Allergenic Molds


Allergenic molds are the least hazardous out of the three, but it doesn’t mean that they are harmless. People who have allergies and asthma specifically find this type of mold problematic because it can easily trigger the symptoms of their ailments.

2. Pathogenic Molds

Pathogenic molds can produce infections that easily target immune-compromised individuals. This type of mold can also grow in a person’s lungs and cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

3. Toxigenic Molds

The last and most dangerous type of mold that can grow on your property is toxigenic mold. Unlike the other two, the spores of this type of mold are covered in mycotoxin – a toxic substance that can cause immune suppression and cancer. Mycotoxin can easily be inhaled and ingested, so it’s crucial that toxigenic molds are completely eliminated from your home.

Now that you realize how dangerous it is to leave mold on its own, you have a responsibility to get rid of it. Although you can remove it by yourself, it’s in your best interest to contact Dreyer’s DKI so we can thoroughly rid your property of mold and lessen its chance of coming back.

Our company is your reliable water damage restoration expert that offers top-notch mold remediation to properties in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City, Florida. We have experience eliminating various types of mold in a safe and timely manner. We also use state-of-the-art sanitizing and disinfecting equipment to get rid of any harmful substances that were left by mold.

Plus, our customer service line is open 24/7 so you can call us at 352-403-0085 whenever you have an emergency.