The Cost of Water Damage Restoration

The Cost of Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is a staple service in all restoration companies. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t give it a second thought whenever they encounter a water disaster. They often think that the cost of this service is too expensive and choose to handle the damage by themselves. However, this often leads to awry repairs and replacement, resulting in more severe water damage.

Yes, hiring professionals may put a dent in your savings, but you can’t deny that they produce effective results. After all, they don’t come up with just any number for the price of their services.

When handling any water damage restoration job, they always consider the following factors into the cost:

1. Type and Class of the Water Damage

The cause and aftermath of each water disaster are unique. Because of this, restoration technicians approach every project differently. Depending on the type of water and the level of damage it caused, the cost of the service may or may not be manageable.

3 Types of Water Conditions

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  • Clean Water: Can stem from typical plumbing problems like leaking pipes and overflowing bathtubs.
  • Gray Water: Contaminated water that’s caused by dishwasher or washing machine leaks.
  • Black Water: Extremely hazardous water that comes from sewage overflow, floodwater, or backed-up toilets.

4 Types of Water Damage Classes

  • Class 1: The least amount of damage. (Only a few areas have absorbed moisture).
  • Class 2: The whole room is damaged.
  • Class 3: Your entire property is affected.
  • Class 4: Total loss.

2. Size of the Affected Area

If a huge portion of the room has been damaged, the cost of the restoration service gets more expensive. This should be quite clear since it takes more time, energy, labor, and resources to restore a larger area.

3. Is There a Need for Replacement?

In the event that the catastrophe has affected your valuables, be prepared for the cost of the service to rise. However, depending on what’s been damaged, the increase won’t be too much of a burden. For example, the cost of having water damaged linoleum floors is more manageable compared to hardwood or carpeted flooring.

4. Additional Services

Some companies offer contents restoration services so they can restore your salvageable items back to their pre-loss conditions. If you choose to include this in their water damage restoration package, you’ll have to pay extra.

Check Your Sources before Hiring

Since the cost of water damage restoration can get pretty pricey, it’s always good to check your sources before hiring. There have been cases where homeowners were duped by companies claiming to be professionals, and find themselves getting the short end of the deal.

Still, there are many reliable names out there. All you have to do is do some research and read reviews.

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