Steps to Clean Mold Off Your Walls

It’s no secret to anyone that Florida is a humid place. The thing is that mold, that unsightly little fungus, is a big fan of humidity. You should try your best to keep it from growing in your home. However, if you find it lurking around in your walls, floor or ceiling, Dreyer’s DKI in Gainesville has a few tips on how you can clean it off effectively.

How to Clean Mold

Inspect the Area

First of all, inspect the affected area to see if you can deal with the damage done or if you should call a professional team to restore it.

Get the Materials Needed

For this cleaning project you’ll need a spray bottle, warm water, a tiny bit of bleach, plastic covers, cloths, sponges, and paint for your wall.

Protect Yourself

You’ll be working with bleach, so you need take some safety measures. Wear gloves, protective eyewear, a mask over your nose and mouth, and clothes you don’t mind ruining.

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Protect the Area

Likewise, you should prepare the area you’ll be working on. Open up windows and doors to ventilate the room and lay down plastic covers to protect the furniture and carpets around.

Clean Well

Mix the warm water with a cap of bleach in the spray bottle and mix it well. Then, spray the result over the affected area. Use your sponge to scrub hard until there’s no mold left.

Let Dry

Use a towel or piece of cloth to dry the area thoroughly. Remember that mold loves humid places, so keep the room ventilated to prevent mold growth from happening again.

Fix the Details

It’s likely that after scrubbing your walls or ceiling with bleach, they may be a bit stained. If that’s the case, paint over the spot to restore your home fully.

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