Removing Home Odors

Your home is a special place where you spend a fair share of time and you want to make it very comfortable for your family and guests. However, smells are an often neglected detail, that can be difficult to identify. That’s why at Dreyer’s DKI in Gainesville, we would like to share a few useful ideas to remove any lingering odors in your home.


Your delicious creations will take place here, however it’s no secret that this area demands extra attention. Simmer two cups of white vinegar after cooking, especially pungent foods, this will help to absorb any odors. Wash the stove, countertops and cabinets to remove any grease or food. Don’t forget to wash your refrigerator every week; keep your food storage containers closed and discard any moldy foods


This is another hotspot for odors, as humidity sets the right condition for mold growth. Fortunately, it’s very easy to avoid this problem. Look for any leaks in your sink and toilet, also use an exhaust fan after every shower to dry it. If your sink has a musty water smell, simply pour boiling water in it, which is also a natural solution.


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Don’t try the odors in your room with air fresheners, instead get rid of the source. Wash your bedding frequently and don’t forget to change your curtains. Vacuum the area and don’t forget often neglected spots like the edges and the room or under the furniture. Also, keep your pets out of this area.

Patience and consistency are very important to keep your home tidy and in perfect condition. Mold is another unwanted guest in your home, so be sure to read this previous post to keep it off your property.

At Dreyer’s DKI, we have a variety of services that will restore your home to its original condition in a fast and effective way. Think about us next time you are looking for property restoration in Gainesville. Please call 352-403-0085 to learn more about our services and how we can help.