Reasons to Insulate Your Home

Winter in Florida may not be as cold as elsewhere, but it’s still a good idea to ensure that your home is well-insulated. Today, Dreyer’s DKI in Gainesville would like to let you know a few of the benefits of good home insulation.


Even if Florida isn’t as cold as Alaska, it can still get chilly from time to time! Insulation helps keep your home warm and evenly heated, meaning you can stay warm and cozy through the holidays.


A more efficient home is a cheaper home to run. The average American family spends around $1900 a year on utility bills, and heating is the major contributing factor to these costs. Good insulation can slash your heating bill; the initial investment involved in installing insulation usually pays itself off after 5 years or so.

Environmental impact

Efficiency doesn’t just mean lower utility bills, it also means a more eco-friendly home. The environmental cost of the materials and installation can be mitigated by decreased use of fossil fuels to provide heat over the course of just a few years. There are options for even more environmentally-friendly insulation options too, such as sheep’s wool insulation.

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Noise control

Insulation blocks out more than the cold; it can also help to block irritating external noise from traffic, loud neighbors, or any other source of noise pollution. Keep your home tranquil over the holidays by updating your insulation.

Decreased humidity

Insulation can stop humid air from outdoors making its way into your home and contributing to mold and bacteria development. Good indoor air quality is important to ensure a long lifespan for your carpets, upholstery and other belongings, too.

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