Odor Removal After Restoration

Odor Removal After Restoration

A common problem that lingers after restoration work is done is the odor that reminds you of the disaster that caused the damage. With water damage, it's a musty stench. With fire damage, the smell of smoke continues to waft through the air.

Removing these odors may seem trivial to outsiders, but to homeowners, it is important. These odors carry bad memories and cause residents to relive the horror of the event. That is why the smell must be permanently eradicated. The proven professionals from Dreyer's DKI can help.

Where Do These Odors Come From?

Odors that remain after restoration is done usually come from residue that is stuck in hard-to-reach areas. The most difficult odor to eliminate is smoke. A smoky smell can linger long after everything has been repaired. The only way you can get rid of this odor is to have soot and smoke damage restoration done to your home.

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Another smell that often lingers long after restorers have done their job is the musty, wet dog smell of water damage. This odor permeates your home because moisture remains trapped in hard-to-reach places. In order to rid your home of this smell, a more thorough drying process that includes the use of dehumidifiers is needed.

Getting Rid of Lingering Odors in Your Home

When it comes to water damage, the lingering odor from stagnant water is a reminder that mold growth cannot be far behind if you do not remove the remaining moisture. Failure to act in time will require having mold remediation done to your home.

A similar issue exists with lingering smoky odors from fire damage. If you have smoke and soot in your ventilation system, they can trigger respiratory ailments and other health problems in residents.

To effectively remove these smells in Gainesville, Ocala, & Lake City, FL, the company you should call is Dreyer's DKI. We have been helping residents of Gainesville and the surrounding areas for more than three decades with their restoration and repair work, with a focus on quality service with a heart. No matter what your restoration or repair needs are, we are here for you. Simply contact us at 352-403-0085 at any time of the night or day and our certified professionals will be at your doorstep in no time.