Mold: The Aftermath of Water Damage

mold from tack strip

If you’ve recently experienced water damage, you likely sped to beat the damage and quickly restore your home. Especially if you’ve cleaned up the water damage yourself, mold is a likely consequence of water damage. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, mold isn’t just something that develops on swiss cheese after a month or two. It can develop after any degree of water damage and cling to many surfaces.

If you’ve discovered black mold in your Gainesville home or business due to a water leak or standing water, the time to begin a thorough mold removal process is now. Despite your overwhelming urge to dump bleach on the affected area per the advice of internet sources, bleach usually only eliminates surface mold. The mold invisible to the eye, however, is damaging to your health and very difficult to remove.

Structural Damage

After any degree of water damage, mold often hides in the unseen area of your home: behind toilets, above structural supports, and behind cabinets. And if the mold gets into a porous surface, it can gradually eat it away until there is nothing left. This obviously poses a problem if a weight-bearing beam or the floor underneath your tub is affected. The disintegration of your home is worth a little extra attention.

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If left unchecked, mold can trigger allergies, throat irritation, congestion, and compound any already existing respiratory problems. Even without direct contact, airborne spores are all around the affected area and can cause massive discomfort. Unlike the common cold, mold isn’t just something you dismiss and hope will take care of itself. Mold necessitates immediate action.

What to Do

  1. Don’t panic

Mold feeds off of fear. Okay, maybe it doesn’t, but stay calm! The problems described above usually only happen in the advanced stages of a mold infestation. Without mold removal processes, a minor annoyance can quickly progress into a bona fide mold takeover. But with basic precautions, you can remediate your home quickly.

  1. Stay Away from the Area

If at all possible, partition off the affected area and completely steer clear of it. Health problems can arise due to prolonged exposure near mold. If that option isn’t feasible, purchase some breathing masks at your local drug store. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of inhaling harmful microorganisms.

  1. Call a Professional

Water damage and mold are best friends. If you’ve experienced any degree of water damage, mold is likely present. The best course of action is to quickly call a professional company that deals with water damage and mold removal on a regular basis. The process of assessing damage, using the correct materials and solutions, and restoring the area to its former state is tricky.

If you’ve experienced water damage and suspect mold in Gainesville, give Dreyers DKI a call! Although mold can be invasive and dangerous, it can be removed quickly before it leaves any lasting damage.