Holiday Lights Safety

In order to set the mood for celebration this holiday season, it’s quite likely that you will decorate with lights inside or outside of your home. While it is up to you to create a masterpiece in lights, it is our goal at Dreyer’s DKI in Gainesville to provide our clients with a few tips to ensure that the light display is not only beautiful, but safe as well.

While Hanging Lights Inside of the Home

  • Keep in mind, as a general rule, never to connect more than 3 strings of lights together
  • Be sure to know where the sockets are in the room, how full they are as is, and plan your decorations accordingly
  • When using extension cords or light cords, be sure that they do not get stuck or pinched under doors or windows, you do not want to damage the insulated cord
  • Consider investing in LED lights that save energy and produce less heat
  • If you will be leaving the house for some time, or are planning to go to bed, it is best to turn the lights off
  • On the same note, be sure to have working smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher present

Outside Lights

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  • It is crucial to ensure that the lights and extension cords you are planning to use outside are meant for outside use
  • Don’t allow the cords or lights to rest in snow or standing water
  • Remember when you are hanging lights, dealing with electricity, it is best to use a ladder that does not conduct electricity-metal conducts electricity, wood and fiberglass do not
  • Do not damage the cord of the lights or extension cord when you are hanging it, be sure that the insulation on the cord remains in tact
  • Lastly, if you are working near any power lines, be sure to remain at least 10 feet away from them at all times during the decoration process

Though you’ve done well to take numerous precautions, there is still the possibility that disaster will strike. Remember our tips to put out small fires at home. If the problem is bigger than you can handle, remember the professionals. For property restoration in Gainesville, be sure to contact us at 352-403-0085.