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Hidden Leaks & Water Damage in Ocala

Many Ocala homeowners are unaware that they may have a hidden water leak. A cracked pipe, leaking spigot, broken seal or damaged water heater are just some of the ways that water can creep into places that go unnoticed. The long term results of hidden water damage are more visible, including mold, rot, damaged floor, bubbled ceilings and blistered paint.

Major repair bills are often the result of a minor water leak, but it is possible to avoid the worst water damage by taking care of the situation early. Chances are you will notice a sagging ceiling above the entertainment center. But what about the more subtle signs? Water damage doesn’t always turn up at the source. Water likes to follow the path of least resistance, and will make an appearance in the most unlikely places. Hone into your Sherlock Holmes skills and put two and two together to find the source of the water leak.

Too often, the visible signs of a leak are eliminated but the dampness inside the walls and floors are not. A floor that seems spongy and softer than it should be is an indication that there is moisture. If you detect moisture inside your walls you should start an investigation.

Modern homes are all about tight envelopes and energy efficiency. The insulation has been doubled, leaks and gaps have been sealed and worked to keep as much air in as possible. Unfortunately, this efficiency often overlooks the fact that your Ocala building needs an efficient amount of air circulation. Inadequate air flow becomes a real problem when water is trapped inside your home’s interior. Some of the consequences include:

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  • Contaminated Ductwork
  • Damaged Drywall & Insulation
  • Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Permanent Wood, Carpet, Wallpaper and Furnishing Damage

If you suspect that you have hidden water damage in your Ocala home call in the professionals at Dreyer’s DKI! You may think you have taken care of your leak but chances are there are more hidden damages that you may not know about.

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