Flood Damage in Gainesville Prevention Tips

Flood Damage in Gainesville Prevention Tips

When water damage occurs in Gainesville what areas are most commonly affected? Water damage can happen pretty much anywhere in a Gainesville home but there are some areas that are more susceptible to water damage than others. Dreyer DKI is here to tell you what areas those happen to be.

Water Damage Commonly Affects the Following Areas:

Toilets. Anyone with a bathroom knows how temperamental a toilet can be. Toilets can leak for many reasons causing flood damage in Gainesville. Interior piping can be eroded away by corrosion, causing a slow leak. Bottom toilet seals can wear down or the tank can crack and leak. The most common culprit is clogged pipes that cause overflow. Check your toilet for any cracks or if water starts to gather at the base you may want to think about repairing or even replacing your toilet.

Broken Pipes. Anywhere a pipe is located in your home is a hot spot for water damage. Old piping can break down, tree roots can damage a pipe and frozen water during the winter can rupture pipes. Replacing old pipes with new metal pipes and checking your seals on a regular basis is a good precaution.

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Roof. Check your roof for any damages over the summer and before winter. Falling trees, harsh winds and storms can lead to damage, which can lead to water leaks.

Laundry Rooms. Washing machines can cause an excessive amount of water damage if a hose breaks during a wash cycle. Check your washing machine hoses regularly to make sure all drains are clear and the pipes are in working condition.

Basements. Broken pipes, excessive rain, sewage backup, broken windowsills and faulty walls can all lead to a flood basement. Regularly check any drains in your basement to make sure they are clear and in working order. You may want to invest in a sump pump to help reduce and water damage that your property may sustain during a flood.

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