Evacuation Prep

When it comes to protecting your family, you have made arrangements to protect them from fire, and even are aware of what needs to be done should you need a fire damage assessment on your property. Another great way to help your family prepare in case of an emergency is by understanding what happens during an evacuation and assuring your family that you will be prepared, should the time come. Dreyers DKI in Gainesville would like to help you with that today by providing you with a list of tasks you should complete and items you should take with you, should there be a cause of evacuating your property.

Do What You Can to Protect Your Home

If you’ve learned that you’re going to be evacuated from your home and/or neighborhood, you should do what you can, given the time allotted, to protect your home while you are away.

  • At the least you can ensure that all windows and doors are locked before your departure
  • You can also unplug electronic equipment, saving them from possibly being ruined by a power surge
  • If you’re given time, you may consider turning off the water valves that go into your home
  • Leave a note in the house, in case someone from your family or a friend comes by to check on you after you’ve already gone

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  • Depending on the time you’re given before the evacuation is to take place, you may be able to take extra precautions by boarding up windows and/or doors to further protect your home
  • Though it is likely the power will go out, you can turn the alarm on in your home to ward off intruders while you’re away

Remember the Basics

When it’s time for an evacuation, you will do well if you have these items prepared or tasks completed ahead of time:

Make arrangements for your animals. You’ll find that most shelters which serve humans are not likely to take in your four legged family members-therefore, you should ensure that you’ve got a vet or pet hotel lined up for your animals in case of an emergency

You should also have an emergency kit already prepared include a standard first aid kit

  • an extra charger for your phone, in case it works
  • any prescriptions or medical information that may be pertinent for your family members
  • and, in case there is no cell phone service, at least a battery powered radio to keep connected to what is going on.

Coming back from an evacuation may very well mean that you’ll enter a neighborhood and home that are not as you left them. When it comes to making repairs to your property, do not feel overwhelmed by thinking you’ve got to go through the process alone. For property restoration in Gainesville, remember to contact us at fire damage assessment Dreyers DKI, 352-403-0085.