Electrical Safety

Turning on the light may seem like a minor and effortless activity, however electricity is a crucial part in every home and it’s important to take care of your electrical installation and appliances to prevent any property damage and injuries. For this reason at Dreyer’s DKi in Gainesville, we prepared the following post containing helpful advice to make your home safer.


Faulty and aging wiring is a common cause of home fires, so remember that you should have an inspection performed by a professional. Keep in mind that flickering or dimming lights, buzzing when you turn on an appliance and hot or charred outlets are some of the signs you shouldn’t neglect, and you should call a certified electrician immediately.


Rodents are a common neglected threat to your electrical installation, as they can chew your wiring which can lead to short circuits and outages. If you suspect that these unwanted guests are living in your property, you should contact an exterminator to handle this problem.


Don’t forget that you should also inspect the condition of your chords before plugging them into an outlet. Avoid using power strips, as they may overload your electric circuit, instead you should try installing extra sockets.

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Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your electrical installation in perfect condition, so consider having an thorough inspection carried out by a professional at least every 5 years to avoid any unfortunate scenarios. Also, spring is here and cleaning your gutters is one of the tasks you shouldn’t forget to perform to avoid water damage in your property, so be sure to read this previous post containing further information on this topic.

If the worst should happen, you will need a reliable and experienced team to assess your situation and provide you with a suitable answer, and those are just a few things you will find at Dreyer’s DKI. Consider us next time you are looking for property restoration in Gainesville. Call 352-403-0085 to learn more about our services.