Don’t Panic!

A surge of adrenaline during a disaster is normal, but can also cause panic. It is a time when you have to act fast to minimize potential threats. Our natural response is to RUN! However, It’s important to stay calm and know how to react during those stressful moments. If you are not injured, the people around you will need your help and you have to provide it in a fast and accurate way. For this reason, Dryer’s DKI in Gainesville, Florida, would like to share some ideas to help you stay calm during an emergency.

Your Body’s Response

Once your brain detects a fire or or any other life threatening event, it will respond by sending signals to your heart which begins pumping blood to your extremities preparing you for escape. However, it won’t allow you to think logically. Fortunately, there is something you can do. Stop, cover your mouth with your shirt to keep out smoke and dust, then breathe deeply. It will bring oxygen and blood back to your brain, allowing you to think clearly.

Call for Help!

Assess the situation and neutralize any immediate dangers. Contact emergency services as soon as possible and explain your situation to the operator. Listen carefully and follow his or her instructions. You can help others while you wait for help to arrive, however you should never risk your own safety.

Being Prepared

You never know when you will be needing certain skills. Learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other first aid techniques can be crucial to saving someone’s life. Look for courses in your community or Red Cross. Also, make sure to have an evacuation plan for your family and have an emergency kit ready at home.

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For Fire, Water, or Mold Damage Assessment and Repair in Gainesville, Florida

These are just a few ideas that you should remember during an emergency, which will make it easier handling this difficult situation. At Dryer’s DKI, we specialize in fire and water damage repair, plus we offer you quick assessment and the most suitable solution for you case. If you wish to learn more about our services, please call 352-403-0085.