What Are the Common Causes of Domestic Floods?

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Natural disasters aren’t the only way for flooding to occur inside your home. Your dishwasher, sink, and even toilet can cause the nastiest indoor floods. Plus, repairing or cleaning up the aftermath is a nightmare you don’t want to take care of.

However, if you familiarize yourself with the common causes of domestic floods, you can spot them earlier and address them immediately.

Appliance Failure

Your dishwasher, washing machine, and water tanks all use water to function. So, if they get damaged, they could leak and flood your property. Appliance failure often occurs in old or worn out systems. If your dishwasher or washing machine has seen better days, it’s best to have it repaired, replaced, or inspected by professionals.

Plumbing or Sewage Overflows

If your sinks, showers, or toilets aren’t draining properly, it means you’re well on your way to encountering a plumbing overflow. Plumbing (or sewage) overflow is often caused by a clogged pipe. If there’s something obstructing the water flow, water has no other way to escape but back up. Allowing the blockage to accumulate isn’t recommended, so you have to remove it immediately. If not, it can cause serious plumbing backups, or worse, a burst pipe.

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Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is one of the things you get if you ignore your clogged drainage system. Since the obstruction is creating a lot of pressure, the pipes will expand and burst without warning. This disaster is quite hazardous because it invites sewage water into your home. Plus, it creates noticeable and significant structural damage, which are expensive to repair.

Burst pipes have a higher risk occurring during winter as well. If your plumbing system isn’t weatherized properly, ice can form in the pipes and cause the same effect.

Have Your Local Water Damage Restoration Professionals Handle the Situation

The minute you see the tell-tale signs of these plumbing catastrophes, you need to act fast to prevent them from happening. Your best solution is to have your local water damage restoration professionals take care of them.

The experts have the experience, equipment, and know-how to deal with various kinds of plumbing problems before and after they’ve happened. They also work fast and create zero mistakes when performing the procedure. They can also eliminate the elements that invite mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances that can come from domestic floods.

If you’re in need of professional water damage restoration services, contact Dreyer’s DKI as soon as possible. We offer reliable and efficient water damage restoration services, in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City, Florida. You can reach us at 352-403-0085. Our customer service line is open 24/7.