A Simple Guide to Detect a Gas Leak at Home

Natural gas can be very helpful at home: we use it to cook, dry our clothing, heat our water, among other uses. The problem is that it can also be very dangerous. It’s a highly flammable substance that can get out of control pretty quickly and cause a house fire if you’re not careful.

This is why you should be on alert and learn how to detect a gas leak. If you need a bit of help in this department, Dreyer’s DKI in Gainesville has a few tips on how to spot a leak, so you can react accordingly and stay safe in case there’s one at home.

How to Detect a Gas Leak

Take Notice

Has your gas supply lasted less than usual even though you’ve used it the same amount? Take notice of how much your gas lasts before your have to refill it again, so you can estimate if it’s running out sooner than normal. This can be a sign of a leak happening somewhere.

The Sensory Tests

If you suspect there’s a leak somewhere, you’ll need to use your senses to detect it correctly.

  • First, use your nose: smell intently for that strong, gross, rotten natural gas smell.
  • Then, listen closely for a hissing sound around the gas pipe that could indicate air being pressured out.
  • Lastly, use your eyes. Look around the gas line and notice if the plants around it are dying or if a gust of wind is blowing them.

The Soap Test

If you want to spot the exact location of the leak, you’ll need a sponge, water and dishwashing soap. Mix the last two until you have a bubbly result. Then, dip the sponge in it and run it down the gas pipe. If you see bubbles start forming, there’s your leak.

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Call a Professional

If you’re 100% sure that there’s a gas leak in your house (or need a bit of extra help identifying it), call a professional (or your supplier) who can deal with it immediately.

For Property Restoration in Gainesville…

If a gas leak has gotten out of hand and has caused an accident at home, make sure to call Dreyer’s DKI at 352-403-0085. Our team of professionals has expertise in fire, smoke, water and construction damage, so you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to get your house back to normal.