A Guideline to Putting Out a Small Fire at Home

With the holidays coming up, we’re sure you’ll be spending your days cooking delicious feasts for all of your friends and family to enjoy. Even though we already told you some ways to prevent home fires, you never know if a slight oversight in all the hubbub that will be going on in the kitchen can result in a small fire starting up.

This is why you should also know how to deal with a situation such as this before it becomes a disaster. With this in mind, Dreyer’s DKI in Gainesville will tell you how to suppress a small fire at home!

How to Put Out a Small Fire at Home

Assess the Situation

Quickly determine the fire’s magnitude and whether you think you can deal with it. If you feel unsure, you and your family should evacuate and call the emergency responders as soon as possible.

Take Safety Precautions

If there’s anything that may make the fire bigger next to the flame (e.g. cloths) remove it immediately. Likewise, close off the supply of any gas pipes nearby and disconnect any electrical appliances.

Use the Right Technique

The method you should use to suppress a fire depends on its origins and its surroundings.

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  • Water (a large quantity) can be used to effectively suppress a fire. However, you should NEVER use water when there’s oil, gasoline or electricity near.
  • A thick and big enough blanket that can cover up the fire entirely can be an efficient method to suffocate the flame and cut its oxygen supply.
  • Your best bet is to employ a fire extinguisher, but make sure to read the instructions and learn how to use it beforehand.

Let the Smoke Out

Once the fire has been effectively put out, open up all of your windows, doors and even turn on the fans to allow air to circulate through the room, as smoke can damage your health.

Examine the Aftermath

Now, you need to look around your house and figure out what needs to be repaired and what was ruined by the fire. Moreover, get an expert to fix any issues that could have caused the fire.

For Property Restoration in Gainesville…

If fire or smoke has damaged your home, know that Dreyer’s DKI is here to restore it! We are experts in fire, smoke, water, and mold remediation, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the best service in town. Call 352-403-0085 to get a free estimate.