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How to Clean Your GuttersHow to Clean Your Gutters
Sunny Gainesville has been covered with clouds and if you take a look at the forecast, you will only see rainy days ahead. It’s that time of the year when the weather we are used to changes and it’s important to be prepared for it

A Guideline to Putting Out a Small Fire at HomeA Guideline to Putting Out a Small Fire at Home
With the holidays coming up, we’re sure you’ll be spending your days cooking delicious feasts for all of your friends and family to enjoy

Checking Your Smoke DetectorsChecking Your Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors have a lifespan of about 10 years. If yours are older than that, even if they seem to be working as normal, it is time to replace them.

Flood PreventionFlood Prevention
We cannot prevent our homes from being flooded, there are other situations in which we absolutely can protect our homes from floods.

Developing a PlanDeveloping a Plan
You would never expect to wake up to a fire, flood, or other natural disaster in your home and of course you and your family never desire that experience

A Simple Guide to Detect a Gas Leak at HomeA Simple Guide to Detect a Gas Leak at Home
Natural gas can be very helpful at home. It’s a highly flammable substance. This is why you should be on alert and learn how to detect a gas leak.

How to Prevent Home FiresHow to Prevent Home Fires
Home fires are the most common disaster in the county. For this reason at Dreyer’s DKI in Gainesville, we would like to share some useful information to avoid and stay safe.

How to Prevent Bathroom MoldHow to Prevent Bathroom Mold
Mold is something you definitely don’t want growing in your home; under normal circumstances, this fungus is in charge of breaking down organic matter.

7 Tips to Decrease the Amount of Humidity in Your Home7 Tips to Decrease the Amount of Humidity in Your Home
If you’d like to control and decrease the humidity in your home, Dreyer’s DKI in Gainesville will give you a few tips in this post!

Leaky Pipes & Water Damage in GainesvilleLeaky Pipes & Water Damage in Gainesville
Pipes, as any other item, get old and broken which causes them to start leaking. The thing is that a leaky pipe can cause a bunch of trouble

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