About Dreyer's DKI Restoration and Carpet Cleaning

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Jonathan, Monica, Jackson, & Olivia Dreyer

Dreyer’s DKI is a local, family owned business, serving the community since 1979. Mark Dreyer founded the business to put himself through dental school. Upon graduating his father, Gene Dreyer ran the business until Mark’s brother; Jonathan took over the family business in 1994.

Jonathan quickly realized most restoration and carpet cleaning companies did not provide good service and weren’t knowledgeable about cleaning. Desiring to make a change he immersed himself in education about the cleaning and restoration industry.

He learned everything he could about carpet and fabric cleaning by networking with other professionals around the country and studying cleaning magazines and manuals. As a result he was able to solve many difficult cleaning problems for carpet retailers, designers and homeowners. Many cleaners did not know how to solve these issues which created a niche for Dreyer’s DKI. Over the years, Jonathan has continued to build the company, adding important certifications and designations along the way.

Today Dreyer’s DKI is part of the largest disaster restoration organizations in North America, dedicated to delivering high quality services within the community. If you own, insure, manage, or lease property, let us be your go-to team when needed to help with emergencies.